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Why students can’t score for section B science?

August 8, 2017


7 weeks left

Why students can’t score for section B science?


Below is one of the most common question in water cycle. Almost all students are taught to memorise the 5 common keyphrases. Below is a piece of work produced by a considerably hardworking student (as you can see, she wrote the pointers that she memorized at the side of the paper).

She has all the keyphrases in her answer, let’s evaluate WHY SHE SCORES ZERO. 

Reason: Water vapour is from the surrounding air NOT water

Reason: Water vapour cannot evaporate! Only water will evaporate to become water vapour.

Her understanding of the topic is not 100%. Thus, even with the memorizing of keywords, she cant get her marks when she apply wrongly.


Students commonly missed out a few key phrases in their answer, resulting in many 1/2mark, 1 mark loss in different questions of section B.

Actual answer:

State Answer –

Line X. (0.5m) 

Explain with keywords –

Black absorbs heat faster than white (0.5m) so the water in B gained heat more quickly, (0.5m)

Describe what you see from the graph –

causing the temperature of water in B to increase more quickly. (0.5m)

Many have requested for the workshop to help their child in the last minute in section B answering skills. As such, we managed to take out some time slot to help the students.

We understand that with 7 weeks left, there’s no time left to explore. 

Do a Last Minute Boost with MATH & SCIENCE Specialists!

(4-5 seats left!)

If all else fails, all you need is a last minute boost with the area of focus with a dedicated and qualified coach to help your child.

In ISUN, we have worked with more than 3000+ students to coach, to inspire and to attain transformation every year.

We still place the belief in every child that regardless of results at this point in time (7 weeks left to PSLE), if he/she still wants to achieve more for their results, they definitely can!

ISUN’s Ultimate PSLE Booster Workshop is launched again this year by popular demand. We cap every workshop to a maximum of 12 students to ensure that we value-add everyone in the class.

We will be exposing your child with quick strategies for every topics’ types of questions. In addition, your child will also be taught to master these strategies with our in-house cheat sheets, also known as the S3 system (Secret Success Strategies).

To ensure a thorough mastery, we emphasise massively on consistent applications of strategies. This is why, we have specially crafted out elaborated drills on every technique and put them in an easy ring book(The Ultimatum Series)! What’s even better is that the book comes with comprehensive notes, carefully selected PSLE, past-year prelim questions from top and neighbourhood schools and crystal clear working solutions (at the back!). All included if your child attends the Ultimate PSLE Booster Workshop.

Our enthusiastic coaches has the expertise to troubleshoot area of weakness and actively engage the child to reach a 100% mastery through consistent techniques applications. After all, real learning only takes place from FULL ENGAGEMENT.



– Student MUST NOT be an A* student already.

– Student must be WILLING to APPLY strategies

– Students must be WILLING to LEARN (just lack the know how)

Here are the types of PSLE Ultimate Boosters available for Math and Science respectively.

Types of Boosters Coverage Dates
1.     Capturing the 25m in Spatial Mensuration.

(19m to 25m)

–  Geometry

–  Volume

–  Area and Perimeter of Composite Figures

29th July 2017,

Sat 2pm to 6pm

2.     Troubleshoot and seize your 10m in Speed, Average, Rate and Productivity.

(7m to 12m)

–  Speed

–  Average

5th Aug 2017,

Sat 2pm to 6pm

3.     Sharpen and Secure that 20m in Analytical Skills.

(16m to 21m)

(6 seats left!)

–  Data Analysis

–  Patterns

–  Readings

12th August 2017,

Sat 2pm to 6pm

4.     Seize your 40m in compulsory Word Problems Solving.

(40m to 45m)

(6 seats left!)

–  Top 10 Common Word Problems

–  Top 5 Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

19th August 2017,

Sat 2pm to 6pm

PSLE Math Ultimate Boosters


PSLE Science Ultimate Boosters

Types of Boosters Coverage Dates
1.      Master Life Science, Capture 30 Marks –  Reproduction of plants

–  Human systems (circulatory, respiratory, digestive)

–  Plant transport system

–  Cells

–  Diversity of plants and animals

–  Life cycle of plants and animals

30th July 2017,

Sun 2pm to 6pm

2.     Master Physical Science, Capture 40 Marks (Part 1) –  Forces

–  Energy

6th August 2017,

Sun 2pm to 6pm

3.      Master Physical Science, Capture 40 Marks (Part 2)

(4 seats left!)

–  Electricity

–  Heat

–  Light

–  Water cycle

9th August 2017,

Wed 9am to 1pm

4.     Master Environmental Science, Capture 20 Marks

(5 seats left!)


  Web of life

  Man’s Impact on environment

  3 types of soil conditions

  8 habitats & 5 definitions

13th August 2017,

Sun 2pm to 6pm

5.      Unlocking 70% of Science Paper. The secrets of graphs, tables, diagrams + 7 common questions

(5 seats left!)

  7 types of common questions + answering techniques

  Graph tables diagrams data analysis

14th August 2017,

Mon 5pm to 9.30pm

If you want the full write up for each booster’s focus, kindly revert to this email and we will forward it to you! 

Or if you would like, simply just give us a call at 9730 6179 to find out more and to register.

PS: What are other Students and Parents are saying? 

Click here for more videos and stories

The subject I was weakest in was Mathematics. But since I joined Elsie’s lessons, my perspective of math changed entirely. I enjoyed Elsie’s lessons as she is humorous, she is a great coach as she is patient with students and encourages them to do better. For instance, I had Bs in school exams but after joining Elsie’s class, I improved to an A in prelims and finally an A in PSLE. Elsie’s class is really effective and I love it!

Low Cheng Xun Brien, TXXXX586F

P6, 6 months– B to A

A in PSLE.


Lisu is a diligent and motivating Science Coach who is full of drive and committed to help her students to strive for good results. Under her coaching for just 6 months before PSLE, my daughter had made vast improvements in Science, which was her weakest subject among the four, and she went on to achieve good result during Prelims. She was able to make use of the good resources provided by Isun education and applied the strategies learned which eventually helped her to score A* for Science during PSLE.

We were amazed by her achievement! Thank you Isun and Lisu for making it happen!  All was worth the effort!

Mother of YKM (CHIJ OLQP)

Kah May is now in SCGS IP programme.

Warmest Regards,Chua Pin Pin (Mrs Yuen)


Elsie is a very dedicated teacher and we can feel the effort that she puts in to help every single one of her students and pushes them on to do their very best. She believes in every one of her students that they can do whatever they dream of doing.

Her positivity and encouragement really helped my daughter throughout her PSLE journey. My daughter still keeps in contact with Elsie to update her on what is going on in her school because my daughter feels that Elsie was the one who encouraged her and never gave up on her.

Tan Hui Suen Karyn, TXXXX577I

P6, C to A* for both Science and Math

4A in PSLE, Aggregate 267

Karyn is now Nanyang Girls’ High School


Lisu is a patient and caring coach. Whenever we are in doubt, we would not hesitate but to consult her. When we ask her a question, she would explain to us each and every step and why the answer is like that. She would also teach us different strategies to tackle our questions. I always find these techniques and strategies very useful. I used to be doubtful of myself whenever I answer a science question, but after attending Lisu’s classes, I have gained confidence in myself. Not only had I improved in my marks, but I have learnt many techniques to apply during PSLE. Once again, on behalf of my parents, thank you Lisu!

Kaizer Ong
Kong Hwa Pri Sch,

P6 2015


73 to 94.5


Elsie is a great coach because she is patient and the methods she uses are easy to understand and she can explain very well. I enjoy her lessons as she usually tells jokes and the mood is light.  Previously, I got an A, but with Elsie’s help, I got an A* for PSLE.

Martin Ong Yanjie (T011XXXXF), Tao Nan School, P6(A to A*)

Currently in Raffles Institution

The lessons with Elsie are fun even though the questions are challenging. She is patient and shower us with her concerns. She welcomes all the Math questions that we asked and will solve it with us. Her enthusiasm in math made us enjoy her class. With her coaching, I achieved an A* grade!

Liang Zhe Jun, P6 (B to A*)

Ms Lisu is a very patient teacher.  She is able to catch full attention from Antonio. Antonio scored was improved from 52 to 70+ right after he attended Ms Lisu lesson for just 2-3 months.  He was able to scored 38/40 in MCQ session and his improvement was noticeable by his class teacher.

At later stage, I notice Antonio is able to remember the valuable notes that was given by Ms Lisu even after a long period of time.  Encouragement and rewards that was given by Ms Lisu was so powerful that, it is able to changed Antonio’s attitude towards learning…”

Mother of Antonio Gomez (P5, 2012)


Yours Sincerely, 

Li Su & Elsie

PSLE Science and Math Specialists

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