Treasure Hunt Experience – created by a student

December 8, 2017

This post is for remembrance of the beautiful moment created by my lovely kids for me. Actually my birthday was long past for 1 month. But I’m super thankful for the birthday experience created by my student Jing Ting. The kids always do things that surprise us. For this ‘party’, I could see that she displayed her leadership capabilities, getting other students onboard to execute the idea with her.

As I was on the bus reflecting the moments I had with the class (over the 3 days headstart program between 5-7dec), the class was the best gift I had in year 2016.

So… it started off with… Kristine (our ISUN mummy) telling me about something that happened in the room. When the door opened up, they threw the confetti and I was given a card!

After which, I found my first clue here!
I was supposed to look for Kristine for the next clue…
Then … proceed to the pantry area…
And I found the next clue which leads me to the photo area… I didn’t continue filming as I decided to enjoy the moment.
After which, I had to go into the first room where I found my first clue.
On the bird design card …


Of course, I had fun! -so that calls for a we-fie!
Lots of cards from different students this holiday! It almost felt like a coaches’ day <3



It is quite amazing that we (ISUN team) have always been creating experiences for them. For me, I have never thought that it will be created by a student for me. This is indeed a surprise that touched my heart. And I guess, whatever that we do… to put the smile into learning, to focus on the experiences and not only what we teach, but how we deliver it… is the right way to go.
Special thanks to Jing Ting for this experience. And of course the other lovely students for your cards. Love you guys!

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