The small success

February 8, 2015

This week, i heard a great piece of news from one of my student. He was a boy, who doubted himself and because of that belief, the efforts he put in some times are not his 100%. Some of his stunts in class include asking irrelevant questions, giving incomplete work and delaying every moment as possible. But that did not happen in this week lesson.

He was so proud that he could answer his teachers’ questions in school when most students were still confused on what the teacher was sharing. His teacher was so surprised and finally he was getting priases in school 🙂 The drills that we had in ISUN worked for him. Though it was just a small success, his eyes were glistening jewels while he was sharing in his high pitch voice with much eagerness. It was really heartening that i was the first person to hear it. The small success that he experienced, i am going to protect it and grow more of this success with him. I believe he with this experience, he will become a changed man.

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