The Hot BoyFriend and GirlFriend (Water cycle keyphrases)

September 14, 2017

There are some keywords that are boyfriend girlfriend. They are meant to be together.

Eg. Gain heat and evaporate

Lose heat and condense.



What will happen to the puddle of water after 2 hours? Will it increase, decrease or remains the same? Give a reason for your answer.

Common Student’s Answer:

The puddle of water will decrease. The water will evaporate after some time.(1/2m)

What’s wrong?

Our dear girlfriend (evaporate) doesn’t have her boyfriend (gain heat) with her, so 1/2 marks are gone!

Actual answer: 

The puddle of water will decrease. The water will gain heat and evaporate after some time. (1m!!!!)

Same goes for the other set of keyphrase:

Common student answer/misconception: 

Water lose heat and condense.

(This is wrong as water is in liquid state. It cannot lose heat and condense! If water (liquid) lose heat, it will freeze to become ice (solid))

Water vapour lose heat and condense.

(This is correct!)

 For your reference:

Red arrow: Gain heat processes

Blue Arrow: Lose heat processes

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