The 2 marks Terrarium Science Question

May 3, 2018

In the recent years, Terrarium making has been quite popular.
Today I am going to share how Terrarium question (Linked to: water cycle  + environment + energy in food topic) can be quite popular these days and it is also the question where a lot of students can’t get their full 2 marks.
It’s quite fun to learn all the different science concepts through the creation of a Terrarium.
Here’s some pictures of the students and what they did!









At the end of the day, we learnt about the processes that takes place in the Terrarium:


We made a piece of notes on Terrarium, an example of the notes below 🙂
HERE YOU GO, here’s the question you might see for SA1!
(This is from our Avengers power up day mission test) – Click to see the photos of our power up day!
Here’s how you can get 2 marks!
(a) Concepts: Water cycle
(b) Concepts: Photosynthesis and Respiration

Answer for (a):

Water from the soil gain heat and evaporate
and becomes water vapour
Which loses heat and condense
On cooler inner surface of the jar
To form water droplets which drip back into the soil

Answer for (b):

The plant undergo photosynthesis, taking in carbon dioxide, giving out oxygen in the presence of light.
The plant also undergo respiration, taking in oxygen, giving out carbon dioxide all the time.
Thus, the plant remain alive.

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