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2024 PSLE Power Revision Programme

Prepare for the PSLE exams with our comprehensive program

We are the ntensive ore nit for all
striving for AL1 PSLE Students

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Ineffective revision is the biggest problem!!

Lack of Direction?

Don’t know what to revise

Lack of Methods & know-how?

Don’t know how to revise

Lack of Motivation?

Don’t know why need to excel & score AL1

Lack of Positive Environment?

Don’t know where to study effectively

Lack of Good Time Management?

Don’t know when to study efficienly

Let Us Introduce Our PSLE Power Revision Program

For Primary 5 & 6

Power Revision programme

  •  Reduce 6 years of learning into 6 days of mastery
  •  Master answering different key question types
  •  Maximise scoring with proven answering techniques

Power-up for PSLE

ISUN’s PSLE Power Revision has been designed to significantly reduce revision time while still achieving the results. We have helped over 4000 students achieve breakthroughs in their results and positive attitudes changes.

About ISUN’s S3 “Cheatsheets”

Hundreds of hours spent by top academic specialists devoted to compiling & distilling various types of questions into a set of “cheatsheets” designed to master the grades with scoring techniques in answering templates.

Programme Resources
• In-house S3 cheatsheets
• Exposure to key question types & answering templates
• Intensified, impactful and insightful learning journey
• Fully illustrated answer keys geared for scoring performance

Revision is about mastering topics by answering all types of questions with the right solutions and techniques.

It’s not you or your child’s fault. Your child just hasn’t adopted the right method and mindset. Let us help your child overcome it.

Why Choose iSunEducation

Engaging Lessons
Comprehensive Curriculum
Experienced Tutors
Individualized Attention
Proven Results

The ISUN Difference

FAST SCORING SESSIONS for the greatest jump in performance and to score with ease

Engaging sessions to put the
smile back into learning

Academic Coaching infuses the power of tuition and motivation to strive for academic excellence

Impactful learning with S3 LESSONS

TUITION Focus on subject mastery

  • ‘I can do it’
  • Practise to perfection
  • Subject-centric
  • Left-brain focused

MOTIVATION Focus on mindset

  •  ‘I want to do it’
  •  Perfection as a practice
  •  Student-centric
  •  Right-brain focused


Powerful positive
impact on performance and self-confidence

3700+ students from 160+ schools for over 16 years.

Parent and Student Testimonials

see it to believe it !



Thank you for everything! Yu-En has progressed very well in her studies and most importantly her self esteem during her journey in ISUN. She has made very good friends who have supported her immensely as well. The coaches have put their heart and soul in making her journey fun and educational as well as inspiring her to go beyond her self limiting beliefs. She comes back from every session with a smile on her face even though it can be super tiring.

Highly effective

Patrick Chen


I came to ISUN in June this year and I scored 80 for Math in SA1. My mum enrolled me in your class and I enjoyed it since the first lesson. You helped me improve from 80 to 95 in prelims! That is only 2.5 months!! The thing I enjoyed the most in class is your positive energy and carefree attitude. You helped me become more attentive in lessons. I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and help you have given to me. I will miss the creative lessons and your cheerful attitude. Everything you have done to me helped shape my future and to score the A* in PSLE! THANK YOU!!


My child’s confidence in English and Math has grown significantly. Highly recommended.
Thank you for accompanying my daughter on this journey. You guys are just DAEBAK!
The tutors are patient and skilled. My child looks forward to every session.
iSunWorld has made a positive impact on my child’s academic progress. We’re very happy.

Program Highlights

Positive Academic Journey

Academy is not only about learning, it is also to build confidence and mindset that all impossible goals will definitely be possible.


Power Ignition

Right People & Environment

The key is to set up the right synergy in class to support the students’ revision journey.


Power Experience

6x4 Hour Revision

Students will get 80% of revision by using strategy, questions, and revision checklists.


Power Revision

Done All Correctly

Consistent application of strategies can help the students achieve 20 marks jump or even more


Power Drilling

Consultation Time

Consultation refines knowledge by providing a checklist of Higher-Order Thinking Skills questions for students who are still perpetually fretful about PSLE.


Power Consultation

In-House Mock Paper

It’s not to test them, but rather to condition them mentally and address minor flaws for PSLE.


Power Mock

Unlock Future Success

Join the Power Ignition Workshop for PSLE Students!


Discover how to save 90% of revision time and equip your child with effective tools and strategies for immediate improvement absolutely FREE!

Plus, receive our comprehensive PSLE Skill Sets Checklist. Your child’s attendance is essential for
guaranteed success!

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About ISun

iSun Education redefines learning with Persona coaching. Our PSLE Academic Coaching achieves 2-grade improvements, benefitting 3,523 students from 160+ schools.

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