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Teo Huai Yue

The Math Whizz

Quote from Huai Yue

Huai Yue pride her classes as classes which the students love going to. With experiential learning in place, you will never see any draggy feets or unhappy faces in her class.

She is concerned as the society seems to have taken all the fun out of education in the desire to get our certifications and obtaining the top position at all costs. Being once a student, she can see the positive influence good coaches had versus the poor guidance ineffective coaches provided on our learning journey. Therefore, Huai Yue am determined to make a difference in how life turns out for my students.

She strongly believe in experiential learning. The valuable experiences make her who she is today. Those that she have gained can be passed on to future leaders. In addition, she loves to experience the joy of guiding students and expanding their possibilities. Every individual is special in their own way and can be nurtured differently. What makes you different might just be your strongest strength!

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