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words of appreciation

The coaches at ISUN are amazing – Simply the best educators in my opinion. They drove my child to be confident and be a goal-getter! I particularly like the idea of the experiential camp.. it helped my child bond with her peers and the coaches! Over the course of only a few weeks, I saw how Aretha start to find her purpose and interest to her learning. She would seat through late nights, with the desire and dedication to complete her assignments.
The S3 are so cool and I wonder why our school systems do not have similar attributes in their training and learning… I guess the difference is that you guys are indeed coaches! Thank you for coaching Aretha both academically and holistically. You guys have prepared her well for not only PSLE – but Life!

Dad of Aretha Poh

Both my boys, P6 & P4 attended ISUN tuition programs and I would say that I would strongly recommend ISUN to any parents that are looking for not just academic improvements but also character building. The coaches here are very passionate and caring and they guide the children with values and therefore a great improvement in their academics.
I have 4 kids all attended different tuition centres but never found one like ISUN. Thank you ISUN coaches for the wonderful experience in learning for kids. You are the best.
Grace Lim

Mum of Trevor Por

Thank you ISUN for your enthusiastic teaching to Kaitlyn and the whole P6 cohort. The students enjoyed your classes and learnt a lot. Continue the wonderful teaching and support!

Parents of Kaitlyn Wang

Thank you to Julius and Lisu for the care and concern while coaching Breia. You both have been very patient towards her. Breia looks forward to class every time. We appreciate Julius for the extra time put in for Breia during the revision period.


Mum of Zoe Sheh

Dear Julius,

The past year in ISUN has been AWESOME, especially with you. This year has been filled with many ups and downs, mostly happy moments. What I LOVE most about your classes is that we always have fun no matter what. You are always in a happy mood and always emit a ‘good vibe’. You let me know that making mistakes is okay, as long as we learn from them. My results had been a rollercoaster before ISUN, but now, it’s been going upwards! I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for guiding me as a student and a boy. I would miss the happiness and friends I have made in your class.

Zenith Teo

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

I came to ISUN in June this year and I scored 80 for Math in SA1. My mum enrolled me in your class and I enjoyed it since the first lesson. You helped me improve from 80 to 95 in prelims! That is only 2.5 months!! The thing I enjoyed the most in class is your positive energy and carefree attitude. You helped me become more attentive in lessons. I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and help you have given to me. I will miss the creative lessons and your cheerful attitude. Everything you have done to me helped shape my future and to score the A* in PSLE! THANK YOU!!

Patrick Chen

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

The past year in ISUN has been fun and active. I have enjoyed learning all the new concepts and strategies especially for Paper 2! It took only 1 examination before my Math results jumped from a fail to B!! I would like to thank Julius for making the only tuition I don’t mind going every week! Julius gives off a positive vibe and rarely gets angry at students. I will miss the students and Julius from his class the most as they are different from most tuition centres.

Toby Lai

Class of 2018

Dear Coaches,

We are thankful that Coach Lisu was very patient with Gerard, who often lacked the drive to study or even do his homework. He joined ISUN only when he was in P6, and thus had to catch up with his peers who had been with ISUN for years. Coach Lisu never failed to coach him, encourage him and be the listening ear to his difficulties. Gerard is blessed with never-give-up culture in ISUN and yet nurturing and passionate coach. The culture and vibes of ISUN had played a role in motivating him to study and take his work more seriously. The well-prepared notes were also very useful as it helped to dissect the info into bite sized. Lastly, I would like to thank Sarah for always engaging the parents when we needed assistance. Thank you, Coach Lisu and Sarah!

PArents of GERARD

Dear Coaches,

Xiyan has benefitted holistically from ISUN in both academics and character maturity. There was a big POSITIVE change here from dreading to embracing the subjects. Deep appreciation to all coaches who have guided Xiyan in this challenging journey. The coaches truly go beyond the syllabus and understand each child to effectively engage them in the learning process. Both my children Kendrick and Xiyan went through the same PSLE journey. We will always remember and cherish the fun and rewarding experience. Within a couple months, it’s evident that Xiyan was able to grasp the essence and concepts of the taught subjects.

Parents of wong xiyan

Dear Coaches,

After attending ISUN, Alvin can appreciate science. He understood the concept of PSLE and can express his concept in terms of the PSLE answering techniques. Coaches are willing to help him on questions he was uncertain after the lesson. Providing him with guidance. Since then, his understanding of science had greatly improved, and he enjoys science. 

Parents of alvin

Dear Coaches,

Lucas used to dislike enrichment classes. Ever since he joined ISUN, he began to enjoy the classes and looks forward to attending especially the science lessons. As parents, we found the coaches very sincere and committed to teaching. We also liked the programs such as the P6 camp before PSLE. Overall, we found that the programs in ISUN have helped Lucas improved in school. A big thank you to ISUN and the coaches!

PArents of LUCAS

Dear Coaches,

Words cannot be expressed how grateful I am to let Kylie join ISUN. From the first day of her journey of ISUN, she fell in love with the classes immediately and wishes to have attended the tuition earlier. In the beginning, we were worried that she cannot cope with the teaching as she has missed out many years of learning.

Coach Moon: She is a wonderful coach who is very inspiring and encouraging. She drives Kylie to believe in herself and my daughter is inspired to be like her. Thank you coach for always being there to answer her messages. Additionally, she always started lessons earlier and giving extra time to explain to her at no cost. I am truly appreciative for the effort. We have never encountered any teacher who loves their student like that before. We are happy that we found one! 

Coach Lisu: Thank you for the S3 notes. It is a wonderful tool! Coach Lisu is a funny and stern coach, you have gained so much respect from my girl. You made them stay back to memorize the S3, which is wonderful as it eases the stress for me to nag on her to revise everyday.

Coach Simen: We should have signed up for your classes earlier. You are so cool and chill. My girls think you are so funny and thank you for explaining through WhatsApp messages throughout the preparation of PSLE. Kylie and I are grateful. Big thank you to all of you!

PArents of KYLIE

Thank you for everything! Yu-En has progressed very well in her studies and most importantly her self esteem during her journey in ISUN. She has made very good friends who have supported her immensely as well. The coaches have put their heart and soul in making her journey fun and educational as well as inspiring her to go beyond her self limiting beliefs. She comes back from every session with a smile on her face even though it can be super tiring.

Mum of Khor Yu-En

Dearest ISUN,
Thank you for giving Caleb the guidance he needed in his academic preparation, but more importantly, thank you for instilling in him a sense of responsibility (towards his academics) and a firm discipline towards his work.

These values are way more precious than his academic results! The confidence he has found in SUN is also invaluable!

Thank you to the coaches for being so encouraging and motivating! Caleb is always so ready and eager to attend classes! You guys are really awesome educators, focusing not just on academic excellence, but also character growth.

Once again, thank you!

Jian Rui

Mum of Caleb Yeo

Her confidence has soared and heart opened too. For the first time, she met friends and coaches who love her and believe in her more than herself. She has been more focused and clear about her goals and intentions. Their love for the children. It reflects in the way they teach, inspire and guide the children. Their dedication towards the children’s growth way surpasses even the parents. They are more than coaches; they are mentors, friends and family.
Writing the letter for my daughter was the most precious for me, as it got me to communicate some feelings for her which I may not be able to otherwise.

Dad of Khor Yu-En

Dear coaches at ISUN,
This is the tuition centre that I have never regretted sending my daughter to. I have never sung so many praises of a tuition centre ever. You guys are definitely doing something RIGHT! It’s not just about the academics, but the positive attitude and mindset you guys are imparting to the ones under your wings. I truly, truly, appreciate you all!!! ISUN is definitely the place to be. Plenty of positive, uplifting vibes all around. Just like one big family! Thank you for accompanying my daughter on this journey. You guys are just DAEBAK!

Parents of Clariss Ong

Dear Julius,

The past year has been great! Your lessons are always interesting and fun! Thank you for always giving your best in class to make lessons as fun as possible for us. I like how the time in your lessons always pass the fastest. I remember how my results jumped from a fail to a high B in the space of 2 lessons at the end of P5 SA2. And now, I’m averaging A. In my most recent Mock exam, I even achieved 89! You help us in any challenges we face, encouraging us no matter what we do, including games during lessons, something schools will never do. I have learnt to be positive no matter what the results will be because what’s done cannot be undone. Thank you for all that you have done!

Verone Lim

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

Thank you so much Coach Julius! You were the first person to have taught me in ISUN and gave me a good impression of the place. You made me realize that ISUN was not just a regular tuition centre, which gives you a mountain of homework but a place where students can have fun and learn. I will really miss the coaches who have taught me for the past year!

Bryan Chong

Class of 2018

Dear Coaches,

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the coaching you provided to Dash. While his result may not have improved tremendously. The transformation in his learning attitude is remarkable. Your support, encouragement and dedication have instilled senses of positivity and motivation in him. He now approaches his studies with greater enthusiasm and determination. Thank you for all your effort to nurture not only his academic abilities but also his confidence and self-belief.


MUM of Dash

Dear Coaches,

Thank you Coaches and staff in ISUN, you guys are a dedicated bunch!! Scott’s grades have definitely improved over the years. I can see that he truly enjoys going to ISUN classes every Saturday and Sunday. To me, results are secondary. It is the attitude that counts. I hope Scott will continue to have a positive attitude towards learning, and I hope that you guys continue to inspire the next generation. Well done!!


Dear Coaches,

Ella has made leaps of improvement in her understanding of the subjects she’s been weak in – Mathematics, Science. Although she is still trying her best in Mathematics, I saw Ella gain more confidence in tackling the questions. She’s shown great interest in science and from scoring borderline, she has displayed amazing results and love for the subject! After attending ISUN, Ella is more positive and have the “I want to achieve it” attitude. ISUN coaches are my savior! The dedication and constant encouragements spurred Ella further. It is not just studies and revision but also team bonding outdoor activities that builds up a child’s esteem is so important! It took Ella 6-8 months to build up herself over the past 5 years as her foundation was not as strong. I am glad that Ella is now highly confident, positive and every determined to excel in herself! ISUN Rocks! Thank you, Coach Lisu, Coach Moon and Coach Simen! I truly appreciate all their guidance, kindness and patience that you have given to my daughter! I will truly recommend ISUN to any parents whose kids heed a holistic approach to improve in their grades and develop into positive young adults! Ella loves ISUN and hopes to contribute to ISUN’s future activities like how she’s been taken care by the Alumni ISUN students. Please keep in touch and I would love Ella to be a part of ISUN’s growth too!


mum of ella

Dear Coaches,

We are extremely grateful for the positive impact that ISUN has had on Hari’s education. Prior to attending ISUN, Hari had struggled with certain subjects such as science and lacked confidence in his abilities. However, with the full and dedicated support of the patient and knowledgeable coaches, Hari has been able to reach to his potential. His grades have improved, and he also has gained the confidence he needs to perform well. As for his mathematics, Hari enjoys class very much as the coach helps to stimulate his mind by challenging him. He enjoys tackling these difficult questions. The coaches take the time to understand his problem and provide the help he needs. This approach has made all the difference in Hari’s educational journey. Thank you for being a part of Hari’s educational journey! 

Mum of hari

We cannot thank ISUN enough for the education they have provided for our daughter. We chose to thank ISUN for the education they provide because not only did they focus on Caitlin’s studies, they also emphasized greatly in other equally important aspects like confidence, appreciation, love, and care for friends and family.

ISUN provided a holistic environment for Caitlin to grow up in. An environment that helped Caitlin blossom.

You are not only teachers, you are LIFE COACHES!

Parents of Caitlin Chew

Xian Huan became highly motivated to go for ISUN classes and he was always eager to go for classes. After ISUN, he was more positive about doing well for his PSLE. ISUN coaches are dedicated and empathize with their students to better understand their needs and concerns.
Their experiential learning gave Xian Huan more interest to learn. I highly recommend ISUN for motivating children.
Chua Jao Kwang/Estee Lim

Parents of Chua Xian Huan

Thank you to Julius and Lisu for the care and concern while coaching Breia. You both have been very patient towards her. Breia looks forward to class every time. We appreciate Julius for the extra time put in for Breia during the revision period.

Mum of Breia

I am thankful to ISUN for transforming Verone into someone who has more confidence in herself and believes in her potential to realise her dreams if she has put in her 100%! She has grown up to be a mature and responsible girl. All these are the credits and efforts of ISUN! Kudos to all the ISUN coaches!

Parents of Verone Lim

Dear Julius,

Thank you for teaching me for 9 months. I would like to thank you for your motivation and encouragement to like this subject, which I hated last time. You constantly say that Math is the easiest subject to score A*, so I decided to do more practices and I realised that it was a beautiful subject after all! The S3 were really helpful as they allowed me to apply my strategies easily! I will really miss your positive attitude. You always encouraged me to do even better even when I did not meet my targets, unlike other tutors who always nag at me. After all your guidance, I will do my best during PSLE! Thank you for everything!

Kaitlyn Wang

Class of 2018

Dear Julius,

Well, I’m just saying I’m glad I came to ISUN. Talking about your classes specifically, you’ve improved my results the most, from around 80+ to 91 and above! Its a rather big jump for me, as you can imagine. I only received my first A* early this year even though I only came in late 2017.

Also, ISUN has changed my friendship life. I have more friends in ISUN who actually understand me than in school. And, it is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I realized that I don’t really care about getting A* now. It is more of scoring as high as possible so that I can get into any school I want. In the end, it’s more about friends than results. I think ISUN has made me realize that.

Early last year, I thought I was an average student, still struggling to get good-enough results. Now, I know that I definitely have more potential and am focusing on other things, so I am thankful.

You’ve challenged me many times while I was at ISUN, such as the Rosyth paper and Forming Equations. Those have changed my thinking though, in a good way. I can also safely say that I am good at F.E. now.

I will miss ISUN a lot. Math became my favorite and easiest subject after attended your classes. I’ll definitely miss your easy explanation for the Math questions, and the bickering during class. I’ll be back next year though. I’ll make sure of it!

Hope I make you guys proud!!

Yu En

Class of 2018

Dear Coaches,

I am incredibly grateful for the dedication and commitment that my child’s coaches have shown in helping my son excel in the science subject. Since joining their classes, my son has not only developed a keen interest in science but also significantly improved his grades. The coaches consistently went the extra mile to ensure my son not only understood the concepts but could apply them effectively. Their unwavering support and passion for teaching have made a remarkable difference in my child’s academic journey. Thank you!

Parents of darius goh

Dear Coaches,

Thank you for the consistent monitoring and coaching for Charlotte. We have seen the amazing improvement and seen how she has grown across time. Under the coaches monitoring, we have seen her transformation to an individual who is self-motivated and responsible for her own work. We have seen her attitude towards her “favorite” subject and change may fold. I am amazed that she can take ownership of her own learning and has also grown to be mature and independent. The camp is definitely a beautiful experience for her. We have seen how she had transformed after the camp. We really appreciate the constant check in by all the coaches and all that you have imported in Charlotte. For that, we thank you!

Parents of charlotte

Dear Coaches,

Natalie has grown in confidence with her coaches. Thank you, Coach Moon, Coach Lisu and Coach Simen for all your efforts in building up my child! Her PSLE results are yet to be released, but the important part to me is her renewed interest in learning and her increased self-confidence.


MUM of Natalie

Dear Coaches,

Arjuna’s journey at ISUN has been transformative. Since joining in 2020(P3), not only have his grades improved consistently but his entire attitude towards learning has undergone a positive revolution. The dedication and commitment of Coach Lisu, Moon and Simen are beyond commendable. They instilled in Arjuna a fiery passion for knowledge, pushing him to excel in his PSLE. Their innovative S3 quizzes and memorable acronyms for mathematical concepts and scientific processes like photosynthesis have been a game-changer for Arjuna, making his learning not just effective but fun. In the critical run-up to the prelims and PSLE, the coaches relentless support, rigorous drills and mock exams have equipped Arjuna with not just the knowledge but also confidence to tackle his exams heads-on. I am profoundly appreciative of the unwavering support and their support to help Arjuna blossom into who he is today.

mum of arjuna

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