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Quote from Wai Sun

Why I want to teach in ISUN?

When I first learned about ISUN, I was drawn to the goal of not only helping them master their subjects but to inspire the greatness in everyone. Inspiring people is about touching their lives and triggering the internal drive in them to love what they are doing and to discover the greatness inside them. I love children and enjoying being in their company and watching them become better people.

How I will teach differently from the market

Generally, most centres teach students to the exams; it is important that the students get the best scores in the exams. But it cannot be the means to that end. The means must be to nurture the love for the language, to see the
beauty in words, to appreciate different ways of saying or writing something, the stylistics of language when it is being used. Most importantly, there are strategies to developing these and acquiring the fluency and precision in the language, which comes from using the language and seeing the connections to different parts of the language. My passion is to show these to them and not see language in silos of skills and component parts of an examination paper. I believe that when they see these connections, children see that language learning is not about 7 or 8 different sections that require the application of skills but that they are interconnected.