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Serious Fun in Learning

October 12, 2017

This is the issue  – the students are getting complacent and there is no urgency towards their SA2. Forcing the kids to do pure drilling will be too bored & they are most likely not going to give their best…. you can tell from
1. the untidy handwriting
2. from the working (NO WORKING APPLIED)
3. level of preparation (keywords / strategies not applied) — it’s normal. Humans tend to be lazy and would stick to their most comfortable way of doing things.
That’s not how ISUN coaches want it. Instead of purely just scolding the kids for all the above, the Math and English coaches have formulated a NEW EXCITING FUN TEAM GAME for the ISUN warriors. This idea was born because our math and english coaches are harry potter fans!
They shall be sorted into harry potter house. Anything they do will affect their house points.
eg. members who did not do homework: -10 team points
remarks: this works better than taking away individual point because they feel the need to contribute to the team.
eg. members who participate actively and help others: +10 points
remarks: building a more cohesive environment & students care more about each other instead of just themselves.


The Houses they are sorted into
The sorting quiz. It can be any random quiz to put the kids into different houses.


This is the sorting hat in the harry potter movie.
Click on the link above to watch it on youtube!


Let the sorting begin. Coaches acting like the house master in the movie. The kids are entertained.


Our version of sorting hat – the pencil case. haha.


“Which house do you prefer… ~hump~”….


Motivated students who contributes to their team.
And this is what academic coaching is about. It about serious FUN in learning. It’s more than tuition. We commit to ‘PLAY’ with our kids. Through ‘play’, we engage the student to learn at their highest energy level. Instead of zombies, lifeless kids in the class, classes are always engaging. Coaches have to always come out with new ideas, sharing of life stories to build their skills.
After 4 hours of class. 5-9pm. (due to lessons brought forward before exams)
I asked them if they are tired. Look at their faces and you have your answers :<3
ISUN values – GIFT (gratitude, imagination, faith, trust)
As our coaches are empowered to tap on their imagination, our kids tap on their imagination too. This is one of the values we exhibit in coaching. 🙂
To learn more about our academic coaching classes (it’s more than tuition!), attend our free preview session with your child. Call Kristine at 97306179.

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