Secure Full Marks in Section B Workshop

February 12, 2018

My first workshop was over just 3 days ago last week, on 9 February 2018.

Although it wasn’t my first time conducting workshops for parents and students, I felt slight butterflies in my stomach because it’s my first PURE ACADEMIC Workshop workshop with parents and I have to treat the parents like students and demand a 101% from them too!

It was a great start.

Grateful to have added value once again, in not just the academics, but also providing a chance for parents to observe their child when learning in a class. For parents, some mentioned that they are impressed by the way their child answers me during the workshop.



Here’s what they receive!
On left: Free “Secure Full Marks for booklet B” Book – WORTH $25
Includes: 10 page guide to secure full marks for booklet B
3 Prelim papers + step-by-step written solutions/tips
1 set of MOCK PSLE PAPER (booklet A & B)  challenge – Set in-house.
Rated by students –>Difficulty level: 9/10

Right: Activity book in workshop with notes creation experience.

2 last slots! Only $50 for 1 parent + child
(Pay for less than 1 restaurant meal, but value of 3 restaurant meals)
More testimonials from the second workshop – 13th Feb 🙂





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