Secure FULL MARKS for Section B Science

January 31, 2018

If you want to secure your A* (91marks) for PSLE Science, here’s what you need.

  1.    You need to score full marks (56 marks) for Section A.
  2.  And garner at least a 35 marks for Section B.


The margin for error is so small—9 marks! You go beyond by 1 and your A* is gone.

Now, the problem is that students usually score partial marks for Booklet B, easily giving away ½ mark and 1 mark per item. 


Because despite the mastery of concept, they don’t know the exact keywords that earn them the marks. Let me spell it out plain in simple, in booklet B, the game is all about using the right keywords/phrases. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s some mistakes made by a student (2017 Prelims):

Loss of mark – wrong use of keyword. Should use “force” instead of “energy”.
After the word friction, must follow by “between ____&____” (0.5m)

Changes in PSLE Science from 2017: 

  1. MCQ is no longer 60marks –> 56 marks instead
  2. Open-ended marking –> changed to 1mark marking system. It means that for the student’s mistake above, by right 1 mark should be deducted instead of 0.5mark.

How to secure full marks for section B

Having analysed many papers from the students, top school papers, books, we have formulated cheat sheets which are known as S3 (Secret Success Strategies) by our students.

ISUN was one of the first to come out with this system 10 years ago (which is now used by many – students, tutors, school teachers who seen our student’s work).

You can create it too! By analysing the papers and classifying the type of questions, then analyse the keywords used and put it into a sheet of paper. Just that it takes pure hard work and time! Plus, the way to deliver to your child such that they download the information matters.

Each S3 are not just a summary sheet, it is based on the


It means that its a condensed strategy sheet based on hours of research invested for each topic.

At least 2 months worth of time is used to create all the  S3 coupled with 10 years of experience, helping us generate more than hundreds of success stories of grades jump within a few months.

If you have seen my previous post and books sold on “Secure full marks for Booklet A” ($19.90), hundreds of in-house copies are all sold in a short span of less than 2 months.

There are also quite a couple of parents that request for section B mastery. As such, I have decided to conduct the workshop below for CA1 to benefit 24 pairs of parent and child.


If you are keen, do register your interest here.

As seats are limited, we will only reserve the seats after payment is made.

If you have any questions, contact us at 97306179!

See you!


Stay tuned.

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