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Science Centre Outing

October 13, 2014

It was 28 September when I announced that it’s public holiday next week and there is no class! To my surprise, my class actually responded with “HUH~~~ no class? Why no class?” “At home very boring”. Actually I was surprised and amazed by the class response and because of their enthusiam, I decided to make it an outing day! YAYS!!! To the science centre!

I was so happy about the response of my kids wanting class on a public holiday as it proves that ISUN kids JUST LOVE LESSONS & they enjoy learning in class 🙂 You can consider this as post Children’s Day celebration as well 🙂

A sincere appreciation to the kids and parents who specially shifted some of the lessons for their child to join me in this outing!

While waiting for the others……


Selfie time! All arrived on time, before 10am. I can totally feel and excitement and was also super excited about going to the Human Body Exhibition and the other areas of science centre!
Group photo! LOVELY A* class 🙂



Get ready to get swallowed alive!


After we slide down the gullet, we entered the lungs area. Look at the ribcage at the side of the walls! Our ribcage protects the important organ, lungs.


This is the favourite segment of the kids! They had to squeeze through the intestine!


In the heart area where their heart rate increase as they jump around, bouncing and hugging the ball. Why does our heart beat faster when we exercise?



Coming out from the ‘Anus’. Hee Hee
I would say that the general experience was really FUN. They learn a lot more through the experience than in the classroom. Thanks to science centre, I am able to use this chance to reinforce the concepts on human body they learnt in class.

A trip to the eco garden. This is the least explored area when students goes to the science centre with the school and with their parents. There are lots to learn about the diversity of plants. In the background is the cactus. There are special adaptation of cactus that allow it to survive in the desert.

The huge tree behind has special roots dangling down from the tree. It’s known as prop roots to allow the tree to have more support.




Guys being guys… 🙂 Can play anywhere anytime





I am thankful to be able to spend my public holiday with my class. Simply love this class! Love the awesome attitude towards learning and even while we are having fun, they didn’t forget that we were at the science centre for SERIOUS FUN and hence they learnt a lot from there.
Oh yes! There’s a special guest, my student’s P1 brother. Glad to ignite his love for science, though he is not taking science science. His cutest response when I replied that ISUN only take in P4 kids was: “Huh i need to wait 3 more years”. Wish that I have more coaches onboard to impact more kids! 🙂

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