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PSLE Mathematics Hacks – Art of Mastering Conversions

April 2, 2020

PSLE Maths Hacks – Art of Mastering Conversions

Test your knowledge

  1. Express 1.03 as a percentage
  2. Express 2.8% as a fraction in its simplest form
  3. What is 7.5% in decimal?



Common Mistakes

  1. Students do not know when to multiply or divide. Or rather, they make careless mistakes, claiming that they ‘saw’
  2. Complacency. Students think it’s very easy and refuses to do any annotations and as a result, lose their unnecessary marks.

Hack #1

(Having ‘Daddy Feeds Penguin’ helped students to remember easily when to multiply or divide)

  1. Penguin (Percentage) is the STAR! Whenever ‘Daddy’ feeds ‘Penguin’, it makes sense! Therefore the number gets bigger (by MULTIPLYING).
  2. Anything that gets TO PERCENTAGE should multiply

Hack #2

  1. Whenever ‘Penguin’ feeds ‘Daddy’, it does not make sense! Therefore the number gets smaller (by DIVIDING).
  2. Anything that gets OUT OF PERCENTAGE should divide.

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