PSLE Last Minute Booster (Group 2)

September 18, 2017

The PSLE Booster Program (Group 2) has come to an end. The Boys vs Girls challenge has motivated them to learn and PLAY TO WIN. Serious FUN in learning really matters a lot to the students. No matter how stressful it is with the limited time left, it is more efficient and effective to let them learn in a highly engaging environment compared to pure drilling environment. Oh yes, and a class is a TEAM. They need to be together to learn fast together, not individuals.

The feedbacks from the students and parents have been quite heartening.

Amber’s mummy feedback after the first booster workshop that she don’t know what I did to her girl. She was very motivated after the workshop and she took out ‘Secure the FULL MARKS in MCQ’ book to drill after class. For the first 2 2017 prelim papers that she did, she scored more than 50 marks applying the strategies (and I believed that she did it with new faith and believe in herself.) This is amazing because her prelims is only 54! Results transformation is possible – its not a matter of how many lessons. Its a matter of how effective the lesson is and whether we are the right key to unlock the potential.

Another feedback from another mummy (after the third workshop):

Results comes not because of what we teach. Results comes from the influence to make the change in the child’s attitude towards the subject matter.

 In this workshop, we have a student Ethan who shared selflessly with the class his method of counting food chain.

And here’s what others say about the program: 

After attending this booster program, I have learnt more useful strategies which I can apply in school. I have created the S3 (Secret Success Strategies) from blank pieces of paper and it really benefitted me a lot. I have went to different classes outside and only ISUN have taught me how to create a S3. This S3 is very useful and it helped me a lot with my work. After attending this booster program, I have learnt how to apply the strategies better and I know how to identify the questions clearly. I love this program very much as Lisu makes the lesson very enjoyable and memorable for me. I really hope that this booster program is longer than 4 hours as there are a lot for me to learn. Thanks Lisu for making this booster program so enjoyable for me, it certainly helped me a lot.

Ng Rou Xuan

The booster program is really beneficial as I understand the concepts much better and was able to identify the concepts better. I really loved the S3 as everything is simplified and it would be easier for me to revise. Before going to this booster program, I was lost about how to revise but after that, I knew how to. Thanks a lot for your teaching!


The booster program summarizes all of the things that I have learnt and also gives a lot of tips to help us. The strategies they give are very useful. The program is more one-on-one and lets you interact with the coach so you can be attended to individually. This program lets you express yourself without judgement while the coach helped you learn useful things and correct misconceptions.

Lisu is very cheerful. She is good at controlling the class. She helps the class progress in science and is determined to do it. This class does not make me feel out of place and allow me to improve.

Chai Hao Zhi

I learnt how to answer questions and I learnt science concepts. It is interesting and we can do more and learn more things. The program helped me to like Science as I dislike Science at first. I like the program as the classmates are funny and I can easily focus on one concept just on one piece of paper. Lisu is a very funny coach and she is the first teacher whom I know that is very energetic. After attending this booster, I have confidence that I will get good marks for Science.

Amber Yong

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