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PSLE Last Minute Booster 2017 (Group 1) – Reflections

August 16, 2017

My words to my kids: 

To be honest, these 5 workshops really fly past very quickly. You guys are a really great bunch to have. Each and every workshop was enjoyable with everyone’s 101% participation. Thanks for giving great energy and focus to learn & absorb whatever you can for the past few workshops. Oh yes, you guys bonded so quickly, its amazing. TEAM WORK YO~

Thanks for being here for the workshop, and the next time I see you guys will be for the mock exam.

This booster workshop was created to help you guys lassssssst minute & I really hope it did and hope that I was able to coach, inspire & transform your results in this upcoming prelims & PSLE.

Pls remember to apply what you have learnt & use the SECRET SUCCESS STRATEGIES, the powerful tool that you have on hand to score.

Lots of love Muacks,


Students’ Reflections on the workshop: 

I like how Lisu teaches us how to answer the questions and keywords and the way she asks us to do the S3 from blank piece of paper. At ISUN, our S3 is done from a blank piece of paper so we can remember better but at other classes, they would just print out the notes for us. The coaches at ISUN are also very encouraging. I learnt many new things and gone through almost all the topics for science and I also learnt the strategies to do the questions that may come our for our PSLE. Lisu has also taught us what to do when we see the question and how to answer them. I also learnt from my mistakes and how to answer the science questions properly. I also learnt how to apply my strategies to the questions.

Abigail Yoh

One of the things I like about Lisu’s booster workshops is that it is really fun and interactive. She always tries to make classes fun so we can learn and have fun at the same time. This class is different from other workshops because there are many different techniques you can learn in a short time. From this workshop, I changed how I felt towards workshops. The materials I received really helps in boosting memory. I have benefitted a lot from this program. It not only teaches us keywords, it also share many strategies you can use. I really hope I am able to come again for the next booster!

Phoebe Li

I like that Lisu is cheerful and usually makes the class laugh so that we can have fun learning during the lesson. Lisu’s classes are very interesting and makes me want to attend them. Lisu goes through work carefully and make sure we understand before proceeding. She makes the class very lively such that we can concentrate and learn at the same time. If we have any questions that we do not understand, Li Su will explain to us again. The class is different from other workshops because this class helps to boost more about our understanding in the topics better. I have learnt a lot of things from Lisu’s class such as the type of questions that we have to take note of, types of common question that usually come out. This class has also made my knowledge and understanding of science better and I have gradually started to like science more because of Lisu’s class! J we all had fun during her class and learnt more. I have also learnt to apply the strategies that Lisu have taught us over the past few weeks of lessons. Time flies very fast during Lisu’s class and I enjoyed it a lot. I learnt a lot of new keywords that I have to apply during the questions and I am able to identify the topics and types of questions asked much better than I did last time. I hope we will have more workshops like this and get to know more friends at the same time. Lisu’s classes are really fun and enjoyable filled with many memories that we have made together. Lisu also helped us to create a toy which allowed everyone to discover new and interesting things because of her. Thank you Lisu! J <3

Much loves and thanks,

Kai Xin

I like Lisu’s boosters as she can explain the topics clearly to us. Whenever I am in doubt, she will help me clear that doubt. Lisu is very cheerful and patient, she will explain to us as many times as possible until we understand. I am very thankful to have a coach like Lisu. She will spent her day and night to prepare the materials for us. She will use the best methods she can to teach us techniques and strategies to answer all types of questions. All of the short cut she teaches has helped me to understand much better. She will find a method for us to remember the techniques clearly and understandable so that we can apply during exams. This set of notes from her booster class has all the answer I need for school worksheets as well as in exams. If I get a question wrong, she will explain and make sure that I will understand and answer in the same way in examinations and papers. In her booster book, she will get quotes and wanting us to think and feel that we can get an A*. In my past tuition centres, they never had boosters like this before, they would not explain fully to clear all my doubts. But through this program and series of booster, I finally had a chance to ask all questions and managed to clear all my doubt.


Mindy, the Minty <3 J

I was really very fun and enjoyable as I can learnt more about the science concepts and although it is very long to me but she makes the class more lively and she is very motivated to teach the class… the booster class can let me fully understand the science topics which I am weak in (eg. Heat, forces…) Well, it is also very joyful and lively compared to other workshops I attended. When I step into the classroom the first time, I also feel motivated to learn as well… I have benefitted a lot. Eg. She help me improve my handwriting and she also give us tips to work on for science which is one of my weakest subject. Well I have benefitted a lot like learning more about the science concepts and she encourage us to be active during science lessons (whether it’s school … science homework…) I would be motivated to do it well & perfect.


Yong Quan

Parents’ messages: 

 If you are interested in our last minute booster round 2 before PSLE, PM us now at 97306179.


For the full writeup of each booster, PM me at lishi@isunworld.com



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