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January 10, 2018

I went to popular bookstore recently to look at the 2017 PSLE Science papers, to evaluate the difficulty level of the paper in 2017 and I thought this year there is a new book cover ! It turns out that there is a new publisher for the PSLE books.
Left: Shing Lee   Right: EPH

So just to compare the difference in the books, in case you are wondering which one to get and should you even get a book now (By now, I mean January) .

In my opinion, the answer is NO.
1. Because schools sell it to their own students at a much cheaper rate and there are also schools who buy it for their students for free. So you do not need to get one on your own.

2. They have just started their P6 and have yet to learn all topics, so it is not the right time to let them drill the PSLE book yet. The best time to start doing it is in June. Schools will also start drilling the students in the last lap before prelims and PSLE. So there is no need to do an overlap in drilling the papers.
Comparison of the 2 PSLE Book 
1. Both books consist of PSLE Papers from 2015-2017 + specimen PSLE (same for both books).
2. The answer keys are different. After a quick browse of the answer keys, each of the publisher has its own way of explaining the questions.
PSLE 2017 MCQ Qn 1 & 2
Shing Lee’s Answer
EPH’s Answer
Shing Lee’s Answer – No diagrams,
additional comments on the
application of the type of question
Qn 40
EPH’s Answer – Diagrams to illustrate the explanation

For both presentations, it’s a good read for students. However, there’s a better way to present the answers for them to learn from the question instead.

Sample written ISUN answer key:

This way of presentation will allow the students to:
1. Know what keywords to look out for in a question
2. Know the mark allocation in their answer
3. Know the keywords the markers look out for in their answer
4. Extra tips on the side – eg. similar types of question or common mistake
5. Handwritten words capture more attention from the kids than a chunky paragraph of answer key


MCQ Book – 5 sets of  2017 Prelims Paper
+ Written Answer Key
+ 12 Page Guide to score Full Marks for MCQ

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