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Primary 5 is an important year as it is a crucial time to start preparing for the PSLE next year. It is a time for students to focus on consolidating their prior knowledge and strengthening good learning habits and strategies.

ISUN Education will help your child prepare while building their confidence and skills to reach their academic and personal goals without losing their love for learning. Our coaches will help the students manage their way through complex exam questions by using various techniques and methods.

Programme Outlines

Primary 5 English
The Primary 5 English programme helps the students start preparing for the PSLE while strengthening their communication skills and knowledge of the English language.

ISUN Education will use different themes and topics and engaging activities to help students learn the language while different memory techniques and methods that they can use.

Content and Language Mastery

Primary 3 students will learn vocabulary and grammar rules with the help of memory techniques. They will also learn how to apply them in different social contexts through practice and collaboration using fun and interactive activities.

Skills and Techniques

Learners in Primary 5 will enhance their language skills in the following areas:

  • Reading
    Students will practice extensive reading using a wide range of interesting and age-appropriate reading materials to develop their appreciation and enjoyment of reading. Our coaches will help students sharpen their skills and strategies in reading comprehension, keywords identification, and analysis.
  • Writing
    Students will sharpen their spelling skills and learn techniques and strategies to develop their accuracy to spell words. Students will also learn how to express their ideas and thoughts through writing. Our coaches will facilitate classes that build a positive disposition towards writing through its fun and collaborative activities.
  • Speaking
    Students will hone their speaking skills through collaboration and presentation. Our coaches will facilitate safe spaces for students to sharpen their communication skills with coherence and cohesion. This will help them develop their confidence to express themselves.
  • Listening
    Students will apply listening skills and strategies to help them analyze and hone their critical thinking skills and comprehension. Our coaches will help students develop good habits and listen attentively with empathy and respect towards others.

Contextualised Learning

Primary 5 students will learn with different themes and topics that are practical and applicable to the real world. This will help them create and strengthen connections between the classroom and the outside world. This will expand their understanding and social awareness that will cultivate their empathy and respect towards different people.

Primary 5 Mathematics
Primary 5 Math programme helps the students strengthen their foundation on core mathematical concepts as they prepare for PSLE. They will learn problem-solving methods and techniques through fun activities and games that will help build their confidence as they encounter content with increasing complexities.

Content Mastery

  • Students will master foundational skills and learn how they are used and solved using problems found in real life.
  • They will learn and master new topics in numbers and algebra such as percentage, ratio, and rate. They will also learn new lessons in measurement and geometry such as area of a triangle, the volume of cube and cuboid, and parallelogram, rhombus, and trapezoid. In statistics, new topics are about the average of a set of data.
  • Students will understand the concepts and solve a variety of problems including word problems through engaging games and activities.

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will be guided to explore and learn problem-solving techniques and methods that will help them solve different mathematical problems.
  • They will learn how to solve problems on four operations without a calculator.
  • Students will master and consolidate their fundamental skills as they expand them with increasing levels of complexity.

Applied Learning

  • Students will be guided to solve practical problems that can happen in real life through collaboration and presentation using fun and interactive activities and games
  • Students will strengthen their senses and understanding of concepts through practical and hands-on problem-solving. This will help develop their appreciation and deeper understanding of math
Primary 5 Science
Primary 5 students will integrate their knowledge and understanding of different themes and topics that will strengthen their grasp of core concepts. They will learn memory techniques and methods that will aid them as they prepare for PSLE while maintaining fun lessons that stimulate their curiosity towards their world.

Content Mastery

  • Students will explore more complex themes and topics on cycles about the reproduction of plants and animals, and the cycle of water.
  • Learners will also explore the themes on systems where they learn about the respiratory and circulatory systems of plants and humans. This also includes the electrical system.
  • Students will also explore topics on interactions and energy such as the interaction of forces and within the environment. This includes topics on photosynthesis

Skills and Techniques

  • Students will sharpen their learning skills and methods on how to investigate, observe, collect and record information, and communicate their findings.
  • Students will master how to compare different things, measure mass and volume, and construct things.
  • They will be guided to practice and learn these skills and methods, especially in identifying science keywords to help them answer questions.

Applied Learning

  • Students will be guided to develop practical skills as they begin to recognize and realize that science is found in their daily lives.
  • Students will develop their heightened awareness of core concepts about their environment as they engage in problem-solving and investigation.
  • Learners will also be guided to develop concern for their environment, curiosity to explore, and objectivity as they collect data and information
Primary 5 Chinese
Primary 5 Chinese programme motivates the student to expand and apply their knowledge and skills in learning different vocabularies and characters sets through fun activities.
ISUN Education helps the students learn efficiently by using them different memory techniques and methods that will aid them in practicing the Chinese language. Our coaches facilitates spaces where students feel they’re safe to practice their communication skills.

Content Mastery

  • Primary 5 students will learn new vocabularies and characters and apply them accordingly based on appropriate social contexts.

Skills and Techniques

  • Primary 5 students will learn how to use study methods and techniques as they build a strong foundation in the key language skills such as reading, speaking, writing, and listening.
  • They will also be guided in their metacognitive skills to help them master the Chinese language.

Contextualised Learning

  • Primary 5 students will be exposed to a wide variety of themes and topics that can be used in real-world settings. They will guided how to apply them based on different social contexts. This encourages the students to develop deeper interest and understanding around their world as well as empathy and respect towards other people.

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