Primary 3 and Primary 4 Science Revision Checklist

April 21, 2014

Science SA1 is so near the corner, but is your child ready?


Day Topic Objectives and Concepts to Master RECREATE OPCM 100% 3 QNS / TYPE
Plants & Animals Living Things – 6 characteristics of living things
Diversity of Animal – 10 ways to classify animals

– 6 animal groups’ characteristics

Life cycle Animals – 2/3/4 stages of life cycle

– 3 comparison in life cycle stages

Life Cycle of flowering Plant – 5 steps germination process

– 3 factors of germination

– 2 parts and functions of seed (seed coat, seed leaves)

Diversity of Plant – 8 ways to classify plants
Plant System – 3 plant parts and functions (root, stem, leaf)
Human Systems Body Systems -5 body systems, their parts and functions

– Relationship between various systems

Digestive System – 6 Parts and functions
Physical Science Magnets – 3 Properties of Magnet

– 2 ways to de-magnetise

– 3 ways to magnetise

– 4 magnetic materials

– 5 uses of magnets

Heat – 4 Properties of heat

– 2 sets of key phrases of Conduction

– 2 key phrases of Convection

– 2 sets of key phrase to Radiation (based on appearance of object)

Light – 3 types of materials that allow Most/some/no light to pass through

– 1 key phrase to how we see things/colours

– 3-step strategy to draw light rays

– 4 key phrases to formation of shadow

– 3 ways to adjusting shadow size & position

Matter – 2 properties of matter (occupies space and has mass)

– 2 properties of each state of matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas regarding volume and shape)

Materials – 10 ways to classify materials
Answering Skill – 5 common types of question

– 3 types of data interpretation (Graph/ Table / Diagram)


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