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What are the 3 secret recipes of ISUN's Academic Coaching Program?

1. ISUN Success Journey

2. ISUN Learning System

3. Extraordinary Classroom Delivery

1. ISUN Success Journey

The ISUN Success Journey is designed to coach our students beyond academics. It includes unconventional learning through the means of games, role-playing and even outdoor amazing races for real-life strategy application in various forms! Life skills like leadership, resource management, teamwork and synergy are instilled into the students through our curriculum. We focus on transforming lives, not just results!

2. ISUN Learning System

A Strong Learning System that brings across crystal clear clarity on what topics and strategies are required for examinations through our Power Checklist. Students get to create their own S3 (Success Strategies Sheets), that helps to condense all they need to know in their subject topics including all the answering techniques. We also have a massive Database of Questions from schools all over Singapore with questions that are specially selected to broaden students’ exposure, enhance their strategy application, and sharpen their answering techniques – a fine-tuning of skills to perfection.

Secret Scoring Sheets (S³)

Sample strategies to tackle ENGLISH grammar question type

Sample strategies to tackle SCIENCE open ended questions

Sample strategies to tackle MATH word problems

Sample strategies to tackle CHINESE email writing

3. Extraordinary Classroom Delivery

Extraordinary Classroom Delivery conducted by young and dynamic coaches injects a lot of motivation and powerful learnings through strong engagement and support from our fun-dynamic coaches! Students get to download concepts and strategies in class through multi-directional coaching from peers, coaches and self. Any doubts or gaps can be troubleshooted on the spot.

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