MUST KNOW Before Prelims !!! A question that even A&A* student will get wrong. Common Misconception: ENERGY

August 1, 2017

I am writing this post because recently I met a new student and I was looking through her CA1 paper. Time and again, this question appears and I always see students getting it wrong, so I thought, everyone needs to know this!!!

PLMGS CA1 2017

Below is one of the similar questions in our ISUN Power Revision Book.

Out of 100 students, probably only 6-7 get this question correct.

Common Students’ Answer:

(a)   Rubber band (Not accepted as rubber band itself has no energy)

Elastic potential energy (Wrong asnwer. This is a FORM of energy not SOURCE of energy)

Chemical potential energy (Wrong asnwer. This is a FORM of energy not SOURCE of energy)

Actual Answer:

STRETCHED rubber band.

Common Students’ Answer:

(b)   Apply more force on the toy.

Press the toy down harder.

(If you notice, the toy is pressed all the way down, flat on the surface, so you can’t apply more force or press the toy down harder)

Actual Answer:

Use more rubber bands.

So, do take note what the question is asking for. Highlight the keywords, note the difference between forms of energy & source of energy.


I shared with my students a shortcut on how to remember this. Just remember:

SHE Go KL (Kuala Lumpur) Eat Chendol

*hees, above is just a picture of my friend and I eating the Macdonald chendol ice cream before it was out of stock. We were lucky to get the last few cones.

  1. Sound energy
  2. Heat energy
  3. Electrical energy
  4. Gravitational potential energy
  5. Kinetic energy
  6. Light energy
  7. Elastic potential energy
  8. Chemical potential energy


To get a memory test worksheet to revise this topic with your child, you can PM me at
Do you know, Energy and forces (~10% in PSLE and prelim papers & consecutive one of the top 5 topics for 2016, 2015, 2014 PSLE paper)
If it is your child’s weaker topic, this sunday 6 August 2-6pm is the booster workshop on forces energy. PM me for details 🙂

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