Misconceptions on FRUITS

March 16, 2018

Ask your child: “What are fruits?”

They would probably tell you all the common fruits they have eaten at home.
– apple, banana, orange, avocado, grapes, guava, honeydew, watermelon… so on
Now, show them this picture and ask them this:


“Is lady finger a fruit?”

Most of them would probably tell you: ” NO!”

“Lady’s finger is a vegetable! It is not a fruit!”
It sounds like a common sense question but in fact…

Lady finger is actually… a FRUIT too!
WHAT?!! huh?
Lady finger is a fruit?
For PSLE science, students need to identify FRUITS in the question.
Strategy for students: ALL FRUITS HAVE SEEDS.
Lady finger have seeds, thus it is a fruit.
Let’s answer the next question. Is capsicum a fruit?
Look! There’s seeds… So capsicum is a FRUIT!
Did you get it correct? 🙂

One more question!

Is this dandelion a flower or a fruit?
It’s … actually a… FRUIT, which undergo wind dispersal.
Each seed is attached to a hair-like structure.
This is the dandelion flower.

Another tip/strategy: 

P5 science – Reproduction of plants
Under seed dispersal segment, all the plants that undergo the 4 different method of dispersal (Wind, water, animal, splitting) are fruits.
Picture from Pinterest
From Marshall Cavendish  Science Guide Book
 **********DO NOT MISS THIS OUT!! **************
Test out more questions by downloading a simple worksheet here! (Suitable for P3-6)
The misconception is for P6 students too!

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