Learning through Play (P4 Science Class)

August 7, 2017

Kahoot, you probably have heard it before. It is an online platform where teachers can use to create different question set to test their students on the concepts learnt.

This game works really well each and every time we test out in the class as the students will get very excited while they play to WIN.

Every single person LOVES TO WIN. From these games, we bring out the attitude of playing to WIN.

P5 Science Class (Fri 5-7pm)

After some concept questions, its drilling time! I had 2 different group of students – the fast pace and the normal pace students.

After getting all the drills done, I got the fast students to do something different instead. As they loved the game so much, i made them create questions using their notes and what they have learnt from their drilling worksheets instead.

This is their first draft. It’s a great attempt. It definitely takes more thinking to create questions than just doing questions.


I will edit the questions set again to make it tougher and trickier. Nonetheless, I found this way of training  unconventional and promotes student’s creativity than just pure drills and studying.


Translating it to a question I gave my P6 students in their worksheet:

Question was presented to the students in a different way 

You might recognise that this is the answer for the type of question:

Why do you repeat the experiment 3 times? 

Standard ans: To get an average reading so that results are more reliable and consistent. (Some schools use the word accurate but I will explain in future posts, why accurate is not a suitable word. However, as a smart student, to get your marks from school exams, use what the school wants 🙂 – reality of life )

CHALLENGE IS – How do you design a question?

A* students love this. (by A* student, its a matter of attitude, not a matter of how they are scoring now)

Its not in a direct way of questioning them, but rather students need to be highly exposed and got to work backwards to recall question that they have done before.

Suggested ANSWER: 

Lisu pushed an object over a surface A. She measured the distance moved by the objected. She repeated her experiment 3 more times by pushing the object over surface A. After that, she conducted the experiment on surface B, C and D and recorded the results of the experiment in the table below.

Why did Lisu repeat the experiment 3 times?


ISUN Education believes in COACHING & not just teaching. It’s more than tuition. Just look at the students… even those who hate to study, those students who dont like classes, tuition loves coming to ISUN. We believe that it is not just the subject matter that we are coaching, but also the student. Coaching is making learning fun and ALIVE within the 4 walls 🙂

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