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July 20, 2018

Today is my brother’s birthday! J

But that is not the main point. It’s because when I look at my calendar, there are 2 main events marked:

20 July 18 (69 days left to PSLE) & my brother’s birthday.

We are all running short of time. But what is it that can change your child’s results at this point in time?

From the conversations we had with our past parents who looked for last minute help, these are what they have done.

3 things parents have done for their child: 

  1. More tuition? 

–      It still works, at this point if your child is also urgent and still want their results to change

–      “The past will never determine the future”, so it is still possible

–      Nevertheless, you need to be careful on how your time is spent. It should be with someone with proven strategies & track record of working with many PSLE students.

  1. More assessment books? 

–      “Practice makes perfect” that’s what we tell our children. More drills will definitely help to improve the child.

–      But it is not true when its mindless drills with the same mistakes made.

–      “Perfect practice makes perfect”! They need guidance or another pair of eye to help them drill in a different way.

  1. Take leave off work to study with your child?

–      Taking control of the situation is the best, however, probably this strategy got to start earlier in the year because you probably need time to study the syllabus also.

Attractive Hispanic Mother and Son Studying Isolated on a White Background.

If you have done the above, and it still didn’t work, probably you need to change strategy.

We would like to help you and your child. Both Elsie (PSLE Math Trainer) and I (PSLE Science Trainer) have a combined experience of more than 17 years. We have done it before and we are going to do it again! We love the ‘thrills’ and ‘challenge’ of taking in last minute batch, however, that’s with some conditions and criteria.

Thankful that our last minute booster Math Program (in 1 month) helped him transformed his results!

It’s more than tuition. It’s a transformation in the mindset too!

PSLE Math and Science Booster
Our PSLE Solution 

**For students scoring B and above

With many great reviews last year, we decided to hold it again. However, this year for science, my schedule only permit me to have 1 group in August. If you miss it, there is no re-run.

CLICK HERE for Students’ and parents’ feedback on the booster  

  1. PSLE last minute Math and Science program 

** For students scoring C and below

Student can only be taken in strictly after meet-up.

At this point, we will work with students at an intense mode. Thus, it is of utmost importance that we have the chemistry. Its just like a relationship. J

  1. PSLE Written Solutions 

If you are the one working with your child or your child is already an independent learner, then we would suggest you to use the books that has documented step-by-step strategies to score.


Our books have been referred and used by MOE teachers’ children and friends!

CLICK HERE to check out “Secure Full Marks in PSLE English, Math, Science” series

WhatsApp: 8816 9595 or Email us at isuninfo@gmail.com

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