Last Minute Booster 3 – Energy & Forces

August 16, 2017

Because they just couldn’t get it! The science question on energy…. So I made the question come to life by using scrap materials.

Refer to the isun blog for the question:

Introducing my childhood game to them!

At first they mentioned: “this old fashion game I never play before”

Aft playing: ” wa actually quite fun Hor”

After a series of testing, they understood that
– you can’t use too many rubber bands
– with more rubber bands, the toy can jump higher
– there’s a strategy to release the toy to make it jump even higher!
– how the energy conversion happens
– source of energy for the toy ( which is a common mistake- click on the link )

It’s their first time playing but they get the hang of it quite fast! Even I forgot how to release it until the boy released it in the right way.

So my conclusion- old fashion toys are the best way to have fun, learn and explore and tap into their creativity, engaging their senses to make them come alive!

So that’s how I spent half of the National Day, special booster… living the Mission –> serious fun leads to great work!


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