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Jun Wei

The Chinese Shi Fu

Quote from Wai Sun

“I believe in CRAZY FUN”

If the word, JUbilant, has a brother, that is our Chinese Shifu, JUn- Wei. He is someone who has a purpose of instilling JOY in students’ learning, helping them to RE-find the FUN of Chinese language (爱上华文 = ISUN Chinese). After years of primary level teaching experience, he decides to do more magic on Chinese coaching. So, here he is here ISUN, a beautiful castle with so many ambitious warriors.

Crowned as the most humorous coach in ISUN, Jun Wei is able to gain the trust of the students easily. He is strict with his instructions and never give in to excuses to success. Over the years, he has gained an eye for details and is able to predict the pitfalls and weakness of the students. With that, he is able to “prescribe the right solutions” effectively (对症下药).

Jun Wei prioritizes what the child get at the end of the day and is a trusted coach for any parent and child that is under his wing. So, enter a world where Coach Jun Wei can touch their “Chinese heart”, just like how they have touched his.

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