Jia Feng

The Math Fanatic

Quote from Wai Sun

Jia Feng’s passion for teaching started his journey to become a tutor. His experience gained through private tutoring has allowed him to understand the needs of students at different levels. Through building of foundation and intuition, he strives to equip students with a set of mathematical tools that can be used to solve any complex question there is.

He is patient in his teaching and enjoys tutoring students at all levels. Jia Feng’s greatest joy is to see his students having an eureka moment during class. He is able to bring new perspectives about math topics to ease students in the understanding of difficult concepts in math.

He is committed to nurture students to become inquisitive individuals that crave knowledge. Helping them to recognise that learning math is not just for the sole purpose of examination requirements but to develop skill sets such as critical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity.