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ISUN Story

wai sun giving talk

In Dec 2007, our founder Chan Wai Sun, was bothered by a growing challenge in education – the lack of love and interest in learning the subject. He decided to give the industry something that is beautifully concorded – Pursuit of Academic Excellence infused with Inspiring the Greatness in “You” through coaching. Hence, Academic Coaching Program is Born!

Our Academic Coaching Program puts low confidence kids back into a state of success where they are awed by Effective Strategies + Easy Application. You will find that kids who drag their feet to school no longer do the same in ISUN.


Today, ISUN Education Academic Coaching follows the principle of an “ABC” Framework!

Our evolved mission: Inspiring the Greatness in everyone has been embedded into our Signature Academic Coaching program.

ABC Framework

Get ready to be wowed by passionate and crazy coaches, who are dying to ignite the greatness in them.

ISUN Motto

I Coach

Because I care, I care about the increasing number of unhappy kids. Let’s put the smile back into learning.

I Inspire

Because I can add value to the kids. I believe the kids of tomorrow deserve an Education on Dreams taught by a practitioner who truly lives his Dreams.

I Transform

Because every child deserves a Success Experience. The faster and the greater the success experience, the stronger the confidence of the child to pursue his Dreams.