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How to score FULL MARKS for PSLE Science (Section B)

April 6, 2015

If you want to secure your A* for PSLE Science, here’s what you need.

  1. (1)    You need to score full marks for Section A.
  2. (2)    And garner least a 35 marks for Section B.


The margin for error is so small—9 marks! You go beyond by 1 and your A* is gone.

Now, the problem is that students usually score partial marks for Booklet B, easily giving away ½ marks and 1 mark per item.


Because despite the mastery of concept, they don’t know the exact keywords that earn them the marks. Let me spell it out plain in simple, in booklet B, the game is all about using the right keywords/phrases. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s a basic fact. A 2-mark question requires 4 key phrases. A 1-mark question requires 2 key phrases.


In our classes, we use this 4-step thought process to train my students in securing full marks for each question.

STEP 1: Underline/highlight important words in question

Lee Xian opened the freezer door and observed that ‘clouds’ escaped from the freezer when she opened it. Explain how the ‘clouds’ were formed?

* cloud is underlined because it is the subject of the question and it is linked to a topic*

STEP 2: Identify topic (which topic is it linked to?)

* cloud is linked to water cycle*

STEP 3: Select key words (associate the keywords in the questions to the answer)

STEP 4: Construct & link it to important words in the questions

 The warmer water vapour from the surrounding air loses heat and condenses on the cooler air escaping out from the opened freezer to become tiny water droplets and form clouds.

4 keywords/phrases earned us the full 2 marks easily!

In our classes, students can readily retrieve relevant keywords from their Secret Success Strategies a.k.a S3 (S Cube)—one page that contains all the necessary information and types of questions per topic.

Taking water cycle for example, there are only 6 types of questions. With reference to our S3 below, with the keyword, cloud, the student will easily know that it is a Type 1 questions and he will just need to construct the answer from the key phrases inside.

Now imagine that you have the question reading skill, knowing how to identify the keywords in the questions and with the S3 at the tip of your fingertips, you will know what key words to use.  Scoring FULL MARKS for section never an impossible task any more.


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