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1 Day Outdoor Experiential Learning & 2 Days Classroom Learning for English, Math & Science

Hi Parents,

This is Lisu from ISUN Education.

Till date, ISUN has successfully helped more than 3596 students to achieve breakthroughs in their results and positive attitudes changes.

We started off as a team of very passionate coaches who strive to make every lesson memorable and impactful for our children. Despite the regimental learning curriculum in Singapore’s education system, we aimed to inspire the greatness in every child through bringing the smile back into learning again.

You may have seen us in Popular Magazine, Facebook, The Straits Times or even hear about us through friends’ recommendations.

In fact, you may have also seen us on Channel News Asia where our center was featured for our unique coaching approach and Power Revision Program which was specially designed for PSLE students to significantly reduce their revision time and get the results they desire.

With each PSLE coach having more than 7 years of coaching experience, we have met various students with each of them having different challenges…we seek to change their lives in the way they learn by transforming their attitude first then transforming their outcome – their results.

Headstart Program

It is a 3 day program to prepare our ISUN Warriors for the upcoming year.

The first day would include an outdoor experiential learning. Our team of coaches have prepared an invigorating program that will surely provide them with an unforgettable experience and integrate fun while learning English, Math and Science.

The next two days would be a time where our warriors head back into the classroom. The use and application of our S3 (Secret Success Strategies) will be taught for the topics that our ISUN Warriors will encounter in the following year, 2020. This would prepare them ahead of time for the academic journey they are going to embark on.

Day 1: Outdoor Experiential Learning

Kickstart December with a time where our students Play to Learn, Play to Win and Play Together!

Date: Group 1: 27 November, Wed OR Group 2: 11 December, Wed
Time: 9.30 am to 5.30pm
Venue: Kallang Wave Mall (Meeting point: Stadium MRT Exit A)


Day 2 & 3: Classroom Based Experiential Learning

The main skills imparted during the 2 days in classroom:

1. Secret Success Strategies, S3 (Notes creation process)

S3 is our secret weapon to the successful mastery of the topics. These S3 are simple to create and easy to apply. The reason, really, is due to the HARD WORK of all the coaches to sort out past-year-papers questions and devised strategies to tackle them. This is also a process that our students love! They get to create their notes with the coaches and nothing beats notes creation as it is the best way for retention.

2. Database of Questions

Exam-targeted questions are selected for students to master and solve with needle-like focus. With this, students will be exam-ready at all times.

Program Schedule

Program Fees
For 3 Days

Primary 6 (Year 2020)

1st Subject: $500
2nd & 3rd Subject: $350 Each

Primary 5 (Year 2020)

1st Subject: $450
2nd & 3rd Subject: $300 Each

Primary 4 (Year 2020)

1st Subject: $400
2nd & 3rd Subject: $250 Each

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years have you conducted outdoor headstart program?
Experiential Day started 6 years ago in 2012. Instead of confining learning to classroom during the holidays, we bring more impact to their learning through an outdoor experience. This is also a chance for collaborative learning to take place.

We have brought our student to some of the following places:

  • Gardens by the bay
  • Tampines Hub
  • Pasir Ris Park
  • Kallang Wave Mall
What’s the purpose of joining headstart program since it’s holiday for my child?
Day 2 is a revision to the current year topics and day 3 is a headstart to the following year’s toughest topic.

Students gain confidence when they go back to school and learn the lesson in school for the same topic. They gain confidence through being able to answer to their teachers in school because of their knowledge gained during holiday programs.

What are you going to do during the outdoor program?

All the activities are team-based challenges. They would be grouped into small groups of 5-8 students with 1-2 facilitators in each team. Through the outdoor activities, we build their skill set such as leadership, presentation skills while reinforcing what they have learned in the classroom.

The learning during the outdoor program is kinesthetics which works best for most students.

My child is new to your environment, can he/she fit in?

They will be in different groups with team leaders conquering team challenges together. From the past, even students who are new to ISUN have found the activities new and interesting in comparison to the outdoor program from schools.

How is ISUN headstart program different from other holiday programs?

Most holiday programs are classroom based only. ISUN headstart program seeks to link classroom knowledge to outdoor application. Through giving them a different experience on day 1, they are more open in the next 2 days workshops in classroom.

What do I do if my child wants to sign up for next year academic coaching classes after the headstart program?

While most of the parents came in through our preview and join our headstart program together with 2020 academic coaching classes, it is also possible that your child joins us for this workshop first to see if they like the coaching style and also the methodology (our cheat sheets) taught in class.

What happens if my child cant make it for one of the days?

Your child could attend the workshop of another group of the same day.

Eg. If your child cant attend group 1 day 3, he could join group 2 day 3.

What is the maximum number of students in each class?

P6 2020 – Maximum 18 students

P4/5 2020 – Maximum 15 students

Why Parents Trust Us

More than 90% of parents feedback that:

ISUN learning kit is simple to apply

ISUN Coaches are fun

ISUN Coaches are motivating

ISUN learning kit is useful for exam preparation

ISUN helps their child strive for their best

Their child looks forward to lesson in ISUN

Your Experienced & Engaging Coaches


The Science Strategist


The English Exceptionalist


The Math Enthusiast

Make Full Use of December Holidays

Just 3 days and will child will be prepared to tackle 2020 with confidence

Real People,
Real Success Stories

“…. Lisu, do you know that after the very very first lesson we had together, I was so so motivated to get ALL my misconceptions right and suddenly had a passion for science. I still remember that during my very first lesson, we did a heat S3 (Secret Success Strategies). By the way, all the S3 that I made were one of the reasons my concepts became clearer. I will treasure my S3 forever. My experience with ISUN was absolutely fantastic and I will never forget them. I really thank you for all you have done for me and I will always be grateful towards you. I will never ever forget ISUN, your fantastic teaching and you ….”
Lizanne Lim

Yew Tee Primary School to Nanyang Girls High

“…. Hi Samantha, You are more than a coach! I am most grateful for your coaching as it helped me. You gave us S3 (Secret Success Strategies) to ‘cheat’ in exam. I think the most enjoyable activity is you making jokes to make us laugh and go hyper.

You motivated me to do my best and give my 101% everytime when I am in school. I have more confidence in my exams as your videos have motivated me. I got a C grade to B grade in only 3 months! Thank you for coaching me! I appreciate it! ….”

Chung Zhen Ming

Grades transformed from C to B

“…. Hi Julius, Thank you for teaching me. What I enjoyed most in your lessons is your energetic personality every lesson. Thank you for replying to my whatsapp text on questions I the solutions clearly needed help on. I am grateful for you for always explaining to me if I do not understand the questions. You are a great coach and I will try my best to prove to you that I can get an ‘A’ ….”
Adrian Aw

Grades transformed from D to A

“…. I never believed in tuition for my children. However, a student’s testimonial about ISUN got me curious and I attended a preview with my daughter. We have never looked back since.

In a short few months, she is more confident, doing better and loves the family environment in ISUN. It is a blessing indeed that we stumbled upon ISUN this way ….”

Goh Wan Pin

Mother of Khor Yu En

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