Farmer Sun Sun

February 25, 2014

There was a farmer named SUN SUN. He had a favourite tool, an axe which he used for 10 years of his life. He was very proficient in using his axe and can cut up to 10 trees per day!
One day he heard from his friend that there is another tool, chain saw which can cut up to 100 trees per day! Farmer SUN SUN decided to get one and test it as it was 10 times more than what he could cut!
Farmer SUN SUN went to the forest and decided to cut the tree as usual. Nobody taught him how to use the chainsaw and he thought it may works like an axe… with a chopping momentum. With the same way, he chopped the tree and it was WORSE! He cut 1 tree instead of his normal 10.
He went to his friend with anger, wanting to reprimand his friend for introducing such lousy equipment to him. His friend was shocked and proved to Farmer SUN SUN that it could be done! Farmer SUN SUN was embarrassed. He had actually used the chainsaw in the wrong way.
Moral of the story:
Even if you have a GREAT TOOL that you can use to increase efficiency, what matters is HOW you use the tool.
The tool that iSUN Education have has proven to be effective for many students throughout the past 6 years. What matters is how you use it.
Behind every A* scorer, there is no special talent. It is simply how much they WANT to score an A* and how do they use their tools effectively.
We are going to deliver the secret behind the creation of the BEST TOOL to you. All you have to do is master it and APPLY it in your exam. 

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