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July 21, 2017


Electricity is one of the poorer performing topics for most students in P5 & 6. It is a very matter of fact topic which a lot of students JUST CANNOT REMEMBER.

As such, the best way for students to remember is by using stories to illustrate the concepts.

Let me just illustrate 1 important segment of electricity which most students cannot catch – concept on parallel and series arrangement.

Take the head of the girl and boy as light bulbs.

Take the battery = power supply = chef which supplies 1 plate of sushi each time

The wires will just act as the conveyor belt.

So for the situation below, the loving boyfriend and girlfriend will sit beside each other and share the plate of sushi, so each person gets ½ the sushi:

When a boyfriend quarrels with the girlfriend, what happens now? They seat on separate seats, like the situation below:

Do you think they would want to share their sushi now?

NO! of course not! So they would get one sushi each. The different colour shows different pathway.

Test it out on an actual question now!

Arrange the four circuits, A, B, C and D in order, from the brightest bulb to the dimmest bulb.

TEST IT OUT: Calculate the units (sushi) received by each bulb (person)! ***Another tip: cover the components (batteries & bulbs) arranged in parallel.

Ans: D, B, A, C


Here’s a recent notes (S3) created with the students based on TYPES OF QUESTIONS & keywords to apply (also known as SECRET SUCCESS STRATEGIES, S3), well loved by parents and students.

It is not just a summary of the concepts but rather, function like a cheat sheet. The secret to this piece of notes is not what you see, its the process of creating it, the thought process translated to her that makes the difference.

Bonus: If you want a short worksheet (selected common mistake / misconception questions), PM Lisu at lishi@isunworld.com

Stay tuned for more tips or if you are looking for a last minute PSLE booster to boost the results of your child, contact Lisu at 97306179. 🙂

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