Chan Wai Sun

The Director

Quote from Wai Sun

Wai Sun started the flicker of light that grew to be ISUN Education.

To ignite the sun in you—this has been his battle cry from the nascent of ISUN Education. To this day, Wai Sun has transformed thousands of lives and is still as fervent as ever in continuing his mission.

With a penchant for simplicity, he singlehandedly developed the learning technology—the S3, the first of its kind in the world. Its effectiveness is backed by the long list of A* students he has trained using such technology. His genius in class is truly exceptional. His methods are unorthodox and arguably crazy but indubitably unforgettable.

The mark of his devotion can also be seen in the lives of the students whose lives he has touched. Even after years of graduation, the connections built remain strong.

Now, he is at the core of ISUN, the radiating ball of light that fires up the coaches’ will to make a difference in their students’ lives.