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Blood Moon – And P4 Science

February 2, 2018

Did you catch the blood moon/ blue moon/lunar eclipse on 31 Jan 2018?
Picture from: Science centre
Were you are the science science?
I did. Accidentally. Didn’t had time to watch the TV or see my social media, so I didn’t know about the natural occurrence today!
I was running with my colleague (more than colleague more than friends actually) around Novena area and we looked up at the moon and exclaimed:
“The moon is red today! “
Didn’t bring my phone. My friend’s photo. 🙂

Sequence of events
At 10pm, when I was watching TV, it was all over the news. I also saw lots of FB post on it.  On the way home, I saw a crescent (moon partially blocked). I reached home about 11pm and it was a bright round ‘normal’ moon again!

How did it happen?
photo taken from: http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/january-lunar-eclipse/
P4 Science Question (Concept on light): 
Q: How do we see the red blood moon?
Red light was reflected from the moon into our eyes.
The difference between solar and lunar eclipse: 
(Photo from pinterest)
Happens for a shorter time.
Can be seen only at smaller part of the world.

More readings on solar eclipse:


Happens for a longer time.
Can be seen by a bigger part of the world.
P4 Science Question (Concept on light): 
Q: Why is the moon ‘black’?
Light from the sun cannot be reflected by the moon (as the Earth blocks the light from the sun) into our eyes, so the moon appeared ‘black’.
Q: How are shadows (= lunar eclipse) formed?
Light from the sun was being blocked by the Earth, forming a shadow.

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