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Angel Lim

The English Angel

Quote from Wai Sun

“Ace English with Angel in a FUN way!” that has been a goal of Angel since day 1. She is committed, adventurous, and dedicated to transforming the study of boring Grammar and Answering Techniques into something that transcends the classroom. Just like how she expects 101% from her warriors, she always gives them 101% in return.

Having graduated from NUS and with Cambridge English CELTA accreditation, she is passionate about teaching English; and having taught for 4 years, she is able to first-hand empathise with some of the difficulties students face with the language. In her classes, students will come to possess an arsenal of fully mapped out techniques to aid them in MASTERING the different Sections of their PSLE. Students will learn the SECRET behind different exam questions, and how to CONQUER them. Class is always expansive and creative, tying in stories and relevant knowledge from the current world which would broaden horizons and aid vocabulary.

With the energy and devotion of Angel to her students, she is always ready to offer a listening ear, a supportive shoulder, and a comprehensive guiding map to your child’s journey ahead.

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