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Amazing Animals’ Adaptations 2: The Light of Death

June 24, 2014

From the land, let’s move on to the pitch dark sea. In the dark, many water creatures seek out for the light. However, unbeknown to them, they are courting their own death.

Let’s take a closer look at this deep sea angler fish. You may find it familiar as you may have seen from the movie, Finding Nemo.

Anglerfish Adaptations:

  1. Light-emitting structure – Structural adaptation to attract prey so as to catch it
  2. Waving light-emitting structure – Behavioural adaptation to attract prey so as to catch it
  3. Many sharp jagged-teeth that are angled inwards – Structural adaptation to catch hold of prey easily and preventing them from escaping ¹
  4. Extended jawline – Structural adaptation to swallow prey easily
  5. Expandable Stomach – Structural adaptation to feed on prey bigger than itself and stock up food in the food-scare dark waters ¹
  6. Special sense organ  – Structural adaptation to look for mate and reproduce
  7. Male anglerfish attach himself to female anglerfish: Behavioural adaptation for reproduction

A look at the last meal of the anglerfish. Take note of the size of the prey:


Primary 6 Science Application Question: Adaptation

The following table shows the conditions at different depths in the ocean.

   Ocean Zone     Depth (m)      Conditions
Sunlit zone   0 – 200  Warm and bright
Twilight zone 200 – 1000     Cold and dim
Dark zone 1000 – 4000 Very cold and dark
Abyss 4000 – 6000 Very cold and pitch dark

The angler fish shown below has a stalk on its head that emits light. The light attracts prey for the angler fish to eat.

From the information, what is the minimum depth at which the angler fish would be expected to live? Provide a reason to support your answer. (2m)


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