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10 SA1 2018 Mistakes

July 16, 2018

Let’s learn from the mistakes of other students.
Be sure to get it correct in prelims!

Question 1

Topic: Living Together
Common Mistake: Not counting young and adult as 1 population
Answer: 7 population
1) Plain tiger butterflies + caterpillars
2) Speckled frog + tadpoles
3) Arrowhead
4) Hydrilla
5) Water Hyacinth
6) Fish
7) Lotus

Question 2


Topic: Adaptations
Mistake: Did not use the information from the question
Answer: Bumps on flippers (found in last sentence of paragraph)

Question 3

Topic: Cells
Question chosen because it’s not common that the questions are tested in this way.
Good learning point.

Question 4

Topic: Heat
Common mistake: Confused students / no working / working in the brain thus leading to mistakes.
Answer: 2

Question 5

Topic: Heat
Common misconception: Student think that when metal gain heat and expand, the mass increase
Answer: 3



Question 6

Topic: Energy in food
Mistake: Wrong usage of words.
Answer: use “lower rate of photosynthesis” instead of “cannot photosynthesize”

Question 7

Topic: Plant Transport system
Common mistake: Most student chose 1 because the concept is that water carrying tubes are still present, so the leaves can still photosynthesise and make food.
Answer: After 14 days, the roots will die because it cannot receive food from the leaves, so water cannot be transport to the leaves and it will wilt.

Question 8

Topic: Water cycle
Mistake: Confused between the terms ‘steam’ and ‘water vapour’

Answer: 4
During change of state, 2 states are present!

Question 9

Topic: Water cycle
Try to apply the strategy from question 8 that I have shared earlier 🙂
Answer: 4
(only gaseous state present)


Question 10

Topic: Water cycle
Mistake: Exposed surface area OF WATER
Missing keyword
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