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Scoring for Comprehension Cloze. Is it POSSIBLE??!

Do you know that since 2015 (with the change in English syllabus in the PSLE),  Comprehension Cloze passages have been written as non-fiction for the PSLE? While it has been done before, now it is increasingly more important for you to know this little piece of information.


Why you may ask? Well, it simply affects the way that students are tested!

To give you a little background, there are 7 question types that they can test you in Comprehension Cloze. However, when it comes to non-fiction, the balance in the different question types shifts. In non-fiction pieces, the “Together Forever” Question Type stands out the most. These questions hinge heavily on – Fixed Phrases, Phrasal Verbs, Grammar Pairs & Idioms.


To further elaborate on my point, let me point out to you why did students find the 2019 PSLE English paper tough… 1 of the contributing factors lies in the Comprehension Cloze. Did you know that out of the 15 questions, 11 of them were Fixed Phrases or Phrasal Verbs? (WHHHHAAATTTTT….)


We can complain about, moan about it, but unfortunately, there’s nothing much we can do to persuade them to change. There are still many kids who are able to do it easily! (Yes, life is unfair… even at a young age… Haha.) We can only prepare ourselves our kid(s) to better cope with this.

Nevertheless, all hope is not lost! There’s a positive thing about this!


Fixed Phrases/Phrasal Verbs are tested quite widely in the English Paper. In Booklet A, they appear in Grammar MCQ, Vocab MCQ and Vocab Cloze MCQ. In Booklet B, they appear in Grammar Cloze, Editing and Comprehension Cloze. So, if our kids study it and get better at it, they would actually improve in all of these 6 sections! (YAY! Do a happy dance!)


So in light of this (and the hope of Physical Lessons to come back soon…), I have decided to launch a series of Fixed Phrases/Phrasal Verbs that have appeared in these sections a few times in the past 5 years.. It is a specially curated list for students to increase their chance of scoring if they are tested in Fixed Phrases or Phrasal Verbs.


All you simply need to do is to download them, pass it to your kids to look through them and encourage them to learn it! My hope is that you have more learning tools to guide your kid(s) in this journey to the PSLE and forevermore….


As my mum likes to say, “you think raising a kid so easy ah?”

(I think she meant that I wasn’t the easiest kid to handle growing up and I should continually be more patient with my kids as we guide them in this education journey.) Hence, dear parents, don’t give up! Keep pressing on! You are doing a good job!